I’m Marlene Hielema, teacher and blogger.

I teach you how to get started using video for your blogs and online courses.

What makes me an expert in this area?

I’ve been producing web videos since 2009. I started with screen capture training videos for my photography students. Then I got into shooting video using various video cameras, like handy-cams, dSLRs, and now mirrorless cameras.

I use a mix of screen capture and camera videos in all my online courses.

In the beginning, it was difficult to figure out all this video technology. Shooting and editing was actually the easy part for me. But getting those videos to play well in my online courses — that was head splitting. I’ve worked through all the pitfalls and bad advice, and I’ve now got some production standards worked out.

Video has a huge learning curve. I’m here to help you navigate through the technology to find the simplest way for you to use video on the web.

There is a lot of training out there made by professional videographers and video editors. I have learned a lot from those guys, and value what they do. But not every teacher or blogger can use that workflow. It’s just too complicated and not really necessary for the average teacher or blogger.

Is this You?

  • You don’t need things to be perfect. You need to get your message across. And, you want to use video to do that.
  • You are a one-person show.
  • You don’t have the funds to buy pro gear.
  • You don’t have the time to learn pro video editing software.

Good gear makes video creation easier

I’m currently using mirrorless Lumix G9 and Lumix G100 mirrorless cameras as they integrate well with my photography background. Mirrorless cameras have excellent video quality, and was the next logical step for me to take in my 30+ year career as an image maker.

My experience in still photography lighting makes me a notch above people who are new to the world of videography. In fact, many people comment on my lighting. I use daylight balanced LED panels like this, and often blend in window light to give a natural look to my videos. You can learn more about how I light my talking head videos in this blog post.

Disclosure of Affiliate links 

From time to time I recommend products or services to you that contain affiliate links that I get commission for. There is no obligation to buy from those links, but I never recommend things I don’t use myself. Read our full policy here.

More about Marlene Hielema

You might know me from my other site ImageMaven.com, or from one of my YouTube channels:

Since 2009 I’ve been learning and practicing the art and science of web video production. I’ve created seven different online courses, and I use video in all of them.

I’m a natural born teacher and sharer. I just can’t stop myself. That’s good for you because you’ll get the benefit of my knowledge whether we work together officially, or whether you happen to watch my tutorial videos.