What’s the best webcam?


Should you use your computer’s built in webcam, or an external one?

This video tests and compares the quality of two good webcams: The built-in Mac Book Pro HD Facetime camera vs. the Logitech C920 web camera.

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Which is the best webcam?

Even without making any adjustments to lighting or video colour, you can plainly see that the Logitech webcam produces a video with better quality than the Mac’s built-in Facetime HD camera.

The Logitech webcam produced a crisper and brighter video. The only adjustment I made to the camera recording, was to zoom in a bit.


Other benefits of an external web camera

  • You can put the camera on a tripod.
  • It allows you to look up at the camera, as opposed to looking down, especially on a laptop.
  • It’s much more flattering. No double chin shots!
  • With the webcam higher up, you can more easily add a light to your scene too.
  • You will be less distracted by the computer and keyboard.
  • You will stay focused on the camera which is where your viewer is located.

If your budget allows, consider getting an external webcam for creating your course and blog videos.

What about the Audio?

The Logitech C920 does have a built-in mic, but it sounds like you are talking in a big hollow room. I prefer using a USB mic.


Blue Snowflake Mic – Budget price. Good quality.

If you’re looking for an affordable entry level USB mic, check out the Blue Snowflake. I used this mic to record the audio for several of my videos, and it’s a great when traveling or working on location.

If you do use this mic, you need to position it fairly close to you. For best results, set it ~12″ from your mouth or closer.


If you’d like to learn more about webcam video production for your blogs and online courses, check out my newest online course.

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  1. Joey Avatar

    Some sites suggest the Logitech can’t be used for live video chats with a Mac; I know you mentioned you are using a Mac now, but I was wondering if you’ve noticed a difference between recorded versus live video chats, and if the Logitech is compatible with both…?