LED Light Setup for YouTube Talking Head Videos

Learn how to set up LED lights for talking head videos
Learn how to set up LED lights for talking head videos

In this video blog post I show you how to light a talking head video with only two LED light panels. But first, I just want to make sure you’ve read the overview post I made about the LED lighting that I’m currently using. (In the video I used some tester lights, but then I went out and actually bought the kit because I liked it so much!)

Since I’m shooting hybrid eProducts and eCards, it’s really important that the photos and videos match. It’s also important that you get the white balance and exposure settings correct in the camera using Pre-Processing techniques so that you don’t have to struggle with colour grading and exposure corrections in your video editing software. Because trust me, that is a real pain to learn and do properly.

The overarching goal in my own workflow is to be able to take the video clips and photos directly into auto assembly software instead of messing around with Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier.

Plus, using the pre-processing method will help you if you use Screenflow or Camtasia to assemble your marketing videos. You never have to worry about bad colour or exposure in your videos again.

New breed of video assembly apps need “ready to import” video clips

There are all types of new video creation apps being developed all the time. One that recently came into my scope is Explaindio, which is another auto editing type of software. Your clips need to be perfect and ready to go before you import them into the templates. You can’t fix them up in this software. So that’s why you need good looking video clips to start with.

Here’s the video to watch:

Or, watch it directly on YouTube:  http://youtu.be/WYnLgUdyoTU

And just for the record, I’m not turning into a video production house.

These techniques work for photographers who want to take advantage of the video button on their dSLR or mirrorless Cameras, OR for teachers, bloggers and video marketers wanting simple to use video production techniques for creating professional looking video blog posts.

Want to learn more video lighting techniques? I’ve got a course on that!






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