Periscope Tips: Re-purpose and Brand your Scopes


Periscope is the hot live streaming mobile app that everyone’s jumping into these days.

But the videos you get, called Scopes, are not branded and they can easily get lost in the sea of other Scopes. Plus they can be hard to track down and share.

In this video blog post I’m going to show you how to re-purpose and brand your scopes so they have a longer shelf life.

Watch the video below to see how easily it’s done using PowerPoint or Keynote.


  1. Save a recording of your Scope to your Camera Roll (if using your iPhone or iPad)
  2. Trim the ends of your clip if necessary, right within the Camera Roll app, to remove unwanted starting and ending junk
  3. From there save it in Dropbox or iCloud, or transfer via USB directly to your computer
  4. Keep in mind that the files may be quite large if your Scope was lengthy
  5. Create a single page slideshow in Keynote or PowerPoint
  6. Make the show 1280 x 720 pixels in size, and horizontal (your Scope is vertical, but your slide should be horizontal)
  7. Use your branding colours and fonts in your slide show, and add your logo, title or description, and maybe even a photo of yourself if that’s part of your branding
  8. Import your Scope recording to your presentation, and move it to where you want on the page
  9. When you’re happy with how it all looks, export the presentation as a movie file
  10. Upload to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Wistia and treat it exactly like any other video file

And that’s it!

Share your branded Scope with the world – even with people that don’t use Periscope.

You now have a video in horizontal format that can be watched, indexed and easily shared on YouTube and Facebook!

This may also work using other presentation software, as long as you can import a video clip into the page, and export a video file from the presentation.

Not sure what to Scope about yet?

If you need more tips about what kinds of content you can create with Periscope, this post from Sark-eMedia is a must read!

In a future post I’ll be talking about how to make your Scopes look and sound better.

Stay tuned!



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