Insider tips for full screen video recording

This video is important for you to watch, especially if you record PowerPoint or Keynote slide shows, or create software demonstrations.

When you record your whole computer screen, the playback of the recording is sometimes illegible on YouTube or your blog posts.

If you watched my previous video in this course, I showed you how to select a portion of the screen area you wish to record.

Sometimes that’s not possible, like when you’re recording a PowerPoint slideshow. And when that happens you get too much information – too much detail and the text is too small to read on the resulting video.

If you have no choice but to record your full computer screen, the easiest thing to do is to change the resolution of your computer monitor to a smaller size.

Watch the video above to see how to change the screen resolution settings, and see what happens to the screen recording when you do that.

When you change the screen resolution, you effectively enlarge your video so that people can see smaller details and read text better.

The native screen resolution on this computer is – 2560 x 1440

Lower the resolution to increase legibility

For a full screen PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, or if you want to demonstrate something on a screen with fine detail or small text, (such as software demonstrations) I lower my screen resolution to 1280 x 1440.


For your next screen recordings, try adjusting the screen resolution to get better playback for your students and blog readers.

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