Why you must YouTube

Have you noticed that when you search for anything on Google that videos are often near the top of the search results?

Try a search right now. I’ll wait.

Choose a really popular topic like “how to cook a turkey.”

Okay, so you got to Google and it probably looked something like this:

Google Search window

This is the first page of the Everything search results for “how to cook a turkey” in Canada, today. Notice that the second result is a video. It’s not even a YouTube video. The YouTube video was lower down on the page, but not much.

But when you click Videos on the left sidebar of the Search results page, you get something like this:

Video search results

Notice how all the videos are from YouTube and our original result is no longer at the top of the results?

So what I am illustrating here is one simple concept:

You Must. YouTube.

In the past you may have been advised to use Vimeo or other video hosting service, especially if you’re a photographer, artist or small business owner.

Those services are great for private videos and videos for clients, but for maximum Google juice you’re going to want to get some videos on YouTube so that you can get found easier and faster by people doing searches for your keywords.

And if you have a video introducing yourself, your products or services, it speeds up the process of getting people to know, like and trust you.

Here’s another tip

What if there are no videos on the first page of the Google search results?

That usually means that no one has made a video about those search terms yet, and now is your opportunity to claim that spot.

So get out there and YouTube!

Start researching your competition. See if they are using video. Let me know if I can help.

I can help you with video production and optimization services so that you’ll show up on the front pages of search engine results.

To find out exactly how I can help you do that, check out my video production services page.

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