How to set up mixed lighting in video

In this video I demonstrate how to work with natural window light when it is mixed with artificial light from an LED panel. I personally love using window light, but it has a few challenges, namely exposure and white balance.

This video shows you my exact setup

You might be surprised to learn that I use 100% automatic settings for this demonstration. So if you are still in the early stages of learning about video creation, you will see that anyone can start shooting video, even with minimal experience.

  • I show you exactly where I put everything in my setup
  • I give you the camera settings I’m using as well
  • You’ll learn about using automatic camera settings, white balance and exposure compensation.
  • I talk about depth of field too.
  • This method comes in handy, especially if you only have one video light or you want to use window light in your scene.
  • It is for beginner-intermediate web video makers.

And you can’t ignore my passionate demonstration of focal length!


LOL. I don’t look very “normal” here, do I?

Side note about using automatic exposure modes

Did you notice in the video that the brightness bounced around a bit when I changed things up. Go to 8:23 in the video and watch what happens to the brightness for about 10 seconds. It starts off too bright, but then it settles down.

This may happen when you use auto exposure modes. It can take several seconds for the exposure to settle down. A rule of thumb is to let the video record nothing important for 5-10 seconds before you get into the meat of your presentation. You will eliminate those distracting exposure shifts. (By the way, this doesn’t happen in manual exposure mode.)

I have a couple of other blog posts that teach video lighting. Check them out:

Works for photos too!

You’ve probably noticed that in this tutorial and the supplemental videos, I talk about photography as well as video. I come from a photography background, and I started using video to help teach my online courses. I use LED lighting for my photos as well as my videos, so this information is completely transferable if you’re into photography.

Watch the video and then let me know if you have any questions about my setup.

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