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What is Depth of Field?

Depth of field is one of the most misunderstood and mislabeled things in web video and photography. Most people think depth of field means images with soft fuzzy backgrounds with blobs of coloured light. But that’s not true. That’s called bokeh. You can watch my video about bokeh here. Depth of Field simply means: Depth […]

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Recording tips for Skype and Google Hangouts

The webcams that are built into your computers are often not the best quality cameras. The lenses are small and they don’t really capture a good enough tonal range for many problem lighting situations. So when you do Skype or Google Hangout recordings, which are also impeded by people’s internet speed, this is even more […]

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Why you must YouTube

Have you noticed that when you search for anything on Google that videos are often near the top of the search results? Try a search right now. I’ll wait. Choose a really popular topic like “how to cook a turkey.” Okay, so you got to Google and it probably looked something like this: This is […]

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